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Themed photoshoot fun before the HSM staff party

27 November 2013 in General

Fast becoming an annual tradition is the HSM end-of-year departmental photoshoot. Hand in hand with the end of year staff party, each department is encouraged to pick a theme and dress up accordingly. Following on from the success of last year, each team's efforts by far exceeded our expectations.



'The purpose of these staff shoots is to create fun competition between departments and stir up some excitement in the lead up to the end of year party,' says marketing executive Kim Schonfeldt. 'We found that these quick shoots also allow for some team building around a time that is usually very pressurised and stressful, a great way to keep their spirits up.'



Staff do not get to see their photos until the day of the party where they can watch them on 42" TVs displayed at the venue – a fun, personal touch that is the start of many a conversation and a great ice breaker for the evening.

'We hope this tradition will continue to grow and manifest some healthy, fun competition within the company to commemorate the good and tough times experienced with your fellow team members throughout the year.'