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The CSR team scores a goal with Tramway FC

16 May 2014 in General

We’re so proud of the work our CSR tean is doing. Through their commitment to find and uplift those in need, HSM sponsored more than 100 soccer kits to underprivileged kids playing for Tramway FC. ‘Some of the kids never had proper soccer boots but their passion for the game was greater than the need to have a kit,’ explains HR director Rizqah Jakoet.




Rizqah and production director Bilqees Allie met with the organisers of Tramway, one of the oldest soccer clubs in Cape Town, to discuss where HSM could help. ‘Their wish was for the kids to be unified when they were playing matches against other clubs,’ explains Rizqah. ‘We were happy to assist since sports is a big part of our CSR initiatives.’