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Storytelling the best of the Cape on Instagram

08 April 2014 in Digital

As part of our move to digital we’re taking Cape etc, one of HSM’s most visual magazines, to Instagram. ‘This is all about visual storytelling,’ says marketing executive Pippa Vilas. ‘And Cape etc and Instagram have this in common.’ Pippa says that magazines are no longer just about print, but about everything – online presence, great content, social currency and valuable articles/information.


Cape Etc is a lifestyle magazine exploring the city – we can’t promote a city without being present in it ourselves. Instagram allows us to share great images and include our audience on another level. The hashtag #CapeEtc allows us, through an app called Stackla, to track tweets and instagrams posted by people. We can then retweet or regram. It also means we remain relevant – it keeps us in the back of people’s minds consistently. We’re more than just a publication that comes out quarterly.’


Pippa says that the intention is to tell a story alongside the magazine’s content, enhancing it without blasting the brand. By occasionally sharing shoot images, ‘teasers’, our intention is not to give our content away, but promise ‘sneak peaks’ of the exciting things to expect. ‘This further heightens our currency and allows people to look forward to what’s coming next,’ she says.


‘We live in a beautiful city with so much going on. As a brand representing that city, it’s crucial that we are active on social media. Instagram is a great visual tool to do so.’

Follow Cape etc on Instagram here.