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HSM yoga sessions relax and motivate staff

30 April 2014 in General

In January we implemented our first yoga programme for HSM staff. The classes gained support quickly and are now held on Tuesdays every week. HSM staffer Malikha Kenny organises the classes: ‘Our teams work hard and this was a nice way to show them we appreciate the work they do and allow them to have a relaxing hour of no stress.’


Last year, CNBC reported on a study Mark Bertolini, chairman and CEO at Aetna, collaborated on with eMindful and the American Viniyoga Institute. ‘We saw dramatic drops in stress after the program was over, and we saw a 69-minute gain in productivity of our employees over a year,’ Bertolini told the news broadcaster.


Says Malikha: ‘Everyone loves the classes and we have enthusiastic attendance from the sales, editorial, repro and production departments.’