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HSM sponsors Baphumelele’s successful open day

19 June 2014 in General

HSM sponsored Baphumelele Fountain of Hope’s (BFoH) open day on 13 June. Our relationship with the youth project started three years ago, just after they had bought a small holding in Philippi.


Among the other renovations, HSM built the training facility where BFoH’s open-day presentation was held. ‘We were honoured to meet their request to host their first open day,’ says HR director Rizqah Jakoet. ‘All stakeholders were shown the work the youth are doing there and it’s really amazing. Words cannot explain how proud we are to be part of this project, and to see where it started and what they have achieved.’


The young presenters explained how their learning programme works – what independent living means, how the volunteers teach them to farm and cook their own food, and how to process any waste to create compost. ‘They also have a work readiness programme that shows them how to create a CV, how to conduct themselves during an interview and what to do when they get the job. They often do mock interviews to assist them in becoming confident.’


One young woman explained how she had joined BFoH after she was informed by her social worker that she could no longer stay at St Michaels as she was 18 years old. With no parents or a family to support her, she decided to make BFoH her home. ‘Here I’ve been taught to take care of myself holistically and I’m now the head of the house,’ she says. ‘So when I have my own home one day, I will know how to care for it!'


Going forward, HSM will also be assisting with renovating BFoH’s kitchen and helping to put together a ‘clothes library’ that can be used for when household members go for interviews.



‘A huge thank you to the staff who have generously donated excellent-quality towels, blankets, curtains, hygiene products and clothing,’ says Rizqah. ‘And, of course, a huge thank you to the volunteers who share their knowledge and time. Without all of this, this project would not be possible.’


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