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Gareth van Nelson captures the spirit of the wild

08 May 2014 in Photography

Our in-house photographic team is always on the move, snapping up everything from local events to the most beautiful scenery Southern Africa has to offer. Gareth van Nelson is one of HSM’s top photographers and he recently went roaming the wild at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve for a Cape etc shoot.



‘The reserve’s wildlife roams freely within the valley, which is surrounded by the massive hills and towering mountains,’ explains Gareth. ‘It was truly an experience trying to hold all the gear, ready to get that one shot – all while riding on the truck that was taking us around.’



He explains getting close to the big cats: ‘Walking into the bush to see the lions was exhilarating; the rangers were on edge and we had to walk in single file and be so quiet. When we went to see the cheetahs it was far more chilled. We got within about 10–15m of them. It was just incredible.’




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