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Escape to Arniston with Jade Cooke in Cape etc

21 February 2014 in Lifestyle

HSM features editor Jade Cooke takes some time off to explore the coastal town of Arniston for the Summer 2013 issue of Cape etc. Known for its shipwreck history and rich Southern Cape culture, Jade takes you on a journey through all the nooks and crannies this delightful destination has to offer.


'As we wend our way between the little houses later, the unfriendliest greeting we get is from a brown, shaggy mongrel. Everyone else is all smiles, including a group of youngsters involved in a hard-fought dominos battle in a front yard. Our tummies are rumbling – we’ve heard talk of the best fish cakes on the coast hiding somewhere in Kassies. One teenager pauses, domino in hand, to give us directions. "Sien jy die wit huisie (Do you see the white house)?" he says, without gesturing. "Draai links (Turn left)." Then he slams down his tile and falls about in good-natured laughter – all the houses are white.'


Read more about Jade's travels on page 54 in 'The coast guard' and then turn to page 61 for the 'Linger Longer' insert, highlighting all the top things to do while in the Overberg.