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Building the media voices of tomorrow

24 June 2014 in General

On 17 June, HSM Academy in conjunction with Live SA magazine hosted a day of media activities. The aim of this Youth Day-inspired event was to demonstrate the requirements needed to get into the media industry.



Live SA and HSM interns were given a 21st century media challenge to work on and complete together. The challenge involved all basic aspects of modern day media activities: writing, videography, photography and design. The interns were briefed, and then set off on the streets of Cape Town, each bringing their own set of expertise to find their story. On returning to the office, each group had to then put their story together in a presentation to all the other groups.



‘The skill, passion and talent that each and every single intern brought was inspiring to see,’ says marketing executive Pippa Vilas. ‘We’re keenly aware of growing the incredible talent our youth have and will be doing more of these types of events in the future.’