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An all-new F1 Racing magazine hits the shelves soon

15 January 2014 in Sport

F1 Racing will bring you everything you need to know in a 132-page glossy magazine that sets you up perfectly for the 2014 Formula One season. Packed with driver and team news, expert opinion from those in the know, you'll feel as though it's you driving your own car. Formula One is the sharp end of motorsport and brings together sophisticated, passionate and knowledgeable people. This magazine, produced by our world-class HSM sports stable, is everything you could ask for, with stunning photography and unrivalled journalism delivered to you by an expert team. F1 Racing is published in over 18 languages and it is available in over 75 countries. With F1 Racing you'll always feel like you're on the front row of the grid and now it's here in South Africa.